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A recent speech and language assessment is required before therapy can begin.  Assessments help get a baseline for your child, help determine what goals will be targeted, and get to root cause of the problem.  The assessment process is guided by the therapist, however, the parent(s) or caregivers play a critical role in helping determine how we can best help your child.

What can you expect during an assessment?

  • You will be asked to fill out a case history

  • The therapist will review the case history with you and discuss any other concerns or questions

  • Observations of your child in the home environment may take place

  • Formal standardized tests may be given to determine current levels of functioning

  • Input from other therapists, teachers, etc. may be requested

  • A discussion about goals, duration of therapy and any other recommendations will be discussed

  • A formal, written report will be completed and shared with you

Teacher & Student
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